TKT Course- It’s better a little late than never.


Hello to the ones who come and read my blog.

Let me tell you that I’m joining a new experience in my life which is this course named TKT that means Teaching Knowledge Test preparation course. It is a course where I can get more experience in teaching and learning new and practical skills so I can become a better teacher.


I am expecting a lot from the TKT course and I’m looking forward to learn from other classmates so that I can have a great experience and get the best results out of the course. Even though there are classmates that are teachers already I don’t feel stressed or worried because we will be sharing our ideas of a good English class and take advantage of their teaching experience they had had in front of the group.

With nothing else at this moment I hope to receive some constructive comments so that I can be a better blogger and you can let e know how you think I’m doing.

Thanks for visiting my blog.


About yunuenth86

***......HELL0 IM NUVIA... IM a GIrl witH A L0v3lY p3R$0N@L1Ty.... $M1LY @lL Th3 T1m3....IM C@r1nG & L0V1Ng PErs0n wIth 3v3ry0n3 i l0v3 & c@r3 @b0uT....If You W@NT t0 Kn0W M3 b3TT3R?? g0 @H3@D and TALk t0 me I WILL BE HERE......WISH YOU L0t$ 0f L0v3!!!! ......***

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