TKT Unit 1- Grammar


Hello to my readers.

I had a busy start but well here I am reflecting about the first unit of the TKT course. This unit brought us to the grammar base; the nine parts of speech and the way to use them. Let’s have in mind that this course will taught us how to teach and we will have to do around four hours of self-study work so that the grammar or topics we have problems with won’t be as hard as they look.

Well, there are some points of view that I don’t agree with and I will like to share it if you let me.

  1. 1.       My students say learning grammar is really boring and doesn’t help them speak.”(TKT Course Book Second Edition, Pg.13)

I don’t agree with this statement. Why? It may be possible to learn a language without knowing grammar but just if you were born and just hear English; by being a native speaker. But wait a minute, what if you are learning English as your second language? Well of course we need the grammar to know how to pronounce something. We know that there are so many ways of pronunciation in English, so we need to be able to understand this for us to speak fluently.


  1. 2.       Children don’t learn grammar when they learn their first language but adults who learn a second language really need to.” (TKT Course Book Second Edition. Pg. 13)

Just as I said children who learn a language as their first language won’t need to learn grammar because it’s just like us who speak Spanish since we were around one year old. But adults don’t hear it often and they have other native language so they need to know grammar to start learning how to speak it correctly.



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