TKT Unit 2- Lexis


Hello dear readers.

After the four hours of self- study I talked to you about I have to tell you that the topic I have seen this Saturday was kind of new for me but I have a better understanding of the lexis and the lexical features.  But once again I want to leave my own reflection on the points of view that the TKT Book gives.

  1. 1.       “There are some advantages in using translation to teach meaning, but some disadvantages, too.” (TKT Course Book Second Edition, Pg.19 )

Which are the advantages?  Well it is important that we understand the meaning of a concept and the translation is a necessary method especially for the starting and intermediate levels. It also helps us to relate the concepts that may be really similar to our language.

But are there disadvantages also?  Yes there are disadvantages also. There are many idiomatic expressions and phrases that cannot be translated word by word or referring to the native language because it just means something totally different.

  1. 2.       “Getting to know words is like getting to know a friend – you learn more about them bit by bit.” (TKT Course Book Second Edition, Pg.19)

I agree with this statement because it is true that we may never fully get to know someone but we know more about them little by little. It is the same with words, we see a word, we learn the meaning, the formation, where it comes from (the root) and more things but we have to start with something and then the rest comes easier.



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