TKT Unit 3- Phonology


Hello there.

I had a fun class this weekend because we had this debate between two words that may seem to have the same meaning: Phonology and Phonetics. But we get to this conclusion:

  • PHONOLOGY: Is the study of features of sounds we produce.
  • PHONETICS: Is the pronunciation itself.

I wanted to emphasize this point because it was complicated to explain it but meanwhile I understood. And now let me show you a quote that I totally disagree with.


        1. “I don’t think we need to teach “correct” pronunciation these days because people all over  the world speak English with different accents.” (TKT Course Book Second Edition, Pg.25)

Totally wrong! It is true that English is being spoken with different accents and pronunciations but that is exactly why we need to know the pronunciation that are used in other parts of the world. Just like the British English that is where American English comes from. We do need to learn phonetics so that we can also distinguish accents and have a widely vocabulary. 



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