TKT Unit 4- Functions


Hello again everyone.

We were checking Functions at this point and I got to the conclusion that it’s just a reason why we communicate. For examples: apologizing, greeting, clarifying, inviting, advising, agreeing, refusing or thanking, etc. But as I had been doing it I want to agree or disagree with the point of view of the book.

          1.“Learning functions is more useful for intermediate or advanced learners than for beginners.” (TKT Course Book Second Edition, Pg. 29)

I don’t really agree with this statement because when you are a beginner you may not understand that much about grammar and how to used them properly but you still need to know how to ask a favor or simple stuff like thank someone or greeting. So it must be taught at all levels.

          2. It is very useful for learners to learn functions for essay writing and letter writing.” (TKT Course Book Second Edition, Pg.29)

Of course it is useful and necessary because we also learn how to ask for something in a more appropriate way, either formal or informal way.



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