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Well at my TKT class everything is going much faster than last classes. We are starting to see the four skills which are reading, writing, listening and speaking. As I learned a little bit about each of them I got to the point that we need to integrate the four skills all the time to be able to have a complete understanding of the language, we CAN NOT separate them.

What is reading?

Reading is a receptive skill in action that helps us to find information or to communicate. To be able to read it’s important that we understand the cohesion which is the knowledge of grammar and the coherence which is the knowledge of the worlds and connection between them. Reading has some sub skills such as skimming, scanning, inferring, predicting, analysis and extensive or intensive reading.

We as a teacher need to activate prior knowledge before a reading activity following these steps:
1. Pre-reading activity: using a story related to the text or something simply like pictures or a video.
2. During reading activities: use silent reading before doing a reading out loud techniques.
3. Post reading activities: demonstrate comprehension using a story map, timeline and by using rubrics for grading.

It is really important to identify the purpose of reading by providing motivation, intention or a reason to read. To reach such a goal we can take up something like collaborative techniques such as Literature Circles.


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