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As I said on my last post on class we are looking at the four skills and today I will talk about writing. First thing I learned is that there are several types of writing like Academic writing such as essays, reports or compositions. We also find job related writing which is messages, emails or letters. Another will be personal writing such as notes personal journals or poetry.


Just like in reading we also have a process or stages in writing:

  1. Prewriting: brainstorming, planning, or marking notes.
  2. Drafting: writing a piece of writing that can be changed.
  3. Editing/Revising: correcting and improving or rewriting.
  4. Proofreading: editing and checking it again.
  5. Publishing: post it to the world (blog).

Let’s have in mind that all writing tasks must have accuracy in writing, communication in writing and a writing process where we can check and revise what we got wrong.

I have to mention something that is new for me and that is what is called authentic writing, which is a part of writing that someone does on her/his self, without worrying on copying. Some examples will be writing a shopping list, writing the end of a story or writing emails and text messages.

How should we grade writing?

Yes, it may be a lot of work to grade so many tests or projects but lets valorize our student’s job and assign things that we will check.  And we need a rubric so we can focus our grading on the requirements it has.


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  1. Nuvia,
    This is a great summary of what we saw in class. How does it compare with what we have in our textbook? Are there any differences? Did we cover what you think we should cover?

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