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I am going after the third language skill which is listening. Like reading, listening is a receptive skill, this means that a person respond to the language rather than producing it. Listening involves understanding spoken language and some of the characteristics of listening are:

  1. Disappears as soon as it is spoken.
  2. Indicates sentences and meaningful groups of words through stress and intonation.
  3. Consists of sounds, single words, or sentences joined together in connected speech.
  4. The speaker uses body language to support his/her communication.
  5. Is not so well organized.
  6. Gestures and facial expressions are used.
  7. It contains interruptions and hesitations.
  8. Often uses rather general vocabulary and simple grammar.


There exists reason for listening such as:

  1. Listening for gist.
  2. Listening for specific information.
  3. Listening for detail.
  4. Listening for attitude.
  5. Listening for extensive listening.

There are also listening steps:

  1. Pre-listening: warm up with visualization or by telling a story.
  2. Main first listening: ask questions, second listening and focusing on specific questions.
  3. Post listening: summarize.

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