Hello everyone:

I have to say it: “Ho my god!” This tools are just fantastic. I also have to say that as soon as I hit each of the links I found an amazing speaking tool. To tell you the truth the first time I get there, a conversation was taking place on the page about living either in a city or a farm was better than the other. I found it very interesting because the people speaking there was from all over the world and they had just left the messages, it has only passed seconds from message to message. I instantly wanted to participate but my computer froze and I couldn’t but I am willing to do it because it really catches my attention.



I prefer Voxopop because it’s faster and easier to listen and play. I think it catches your attention immediately as soon as you hit play because it automatically plays all of the recordings. In contrast, Voicethread is also good but I don’t really recommend it because it was hard for me to understand the procedures to get to speak with other people.

I invite all of my followers to try it out, it’s amazing! 


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  1. Nuvia
    I am glad you see the worth of these tools. I have been trying to imagine how to apply them in a classroom of 30 students, but if you have connection to Internet, this could be a recorded one by one activity. I am sure that students woudl be enthralled knowing that they are being recorded online for other people to hear.

    The fun begins when you connect with another classroom somewhere in the world that is also studying EFL. Then all kinds of exchanges can happen.

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