Hello to you all.

Well, it took me time to realize that vacations were over and I had to go back in track. So well on the last day of school on Mar 31st we worked with TEAMWORKS. I have to say that it was something really cool because I used to think that I work better alone but on that day we were all working so fast and we discovered things helping each other. Perhaps it was kind of hard at first because we had to agree on how to do things and how to work it out to achieve our tasks. But after the teacher scared us all about doing a power point over the vacations by using only the Gmail account we felt better when she told us that she said that just to make us feel how our students feel while working in teams. At the end the message of the teacher was all cleared on our minds and I believe we will never forget that experience.


I really liked the activity because we were using power point, anthology, internet and we were filling in blanks and really getting the information. We also were watching videos along the readings and other topics and it was really useful because it made us focus more and understand how some people applied this knowledge before and today in days.  


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***......HELL0 IM NUVIA... IM a GIrl witH A L0v3lY p3R$0N@L1Ty.... $M1LY @lL Th3 T1m3....IM C@r1nG & L0V1Ng PErs0n wIth 3v3ry0n3 i l0v3 & c@r3 @b0uT....If You W@NT t0 Kn0W M3 b3TT3R?? g0 @H3@D and TALk t0 me I WILL BE HERE......WISH YOU L0t$ 0f L0v3!!!! ......***

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