Hello to my readers.

Well I will talk a Little bit about what is motivation. In a classroom is one of the most important techniques that we as teacher could use to turn our students ideas into action. Rarely at my Licenciatura we are also seeing this topic and I found it so similar what TKT book says to what my Didactics teacher told me. That is why I wanted to show you the similarities on these two ideas of what motivation stands for.


TKT:  are the thoughts and feelings which make us want to and continue to want to do something and which turn our wishes into action.

IMCED:  to make them discover how useful could be that specific new knowledge and how important will be for them to have it.


Both of the ideas of motivation are correct is just that with a different focus. On TKT we pretend to motivate them on a way for them to wish to keep learning. While, at the IMCED we want to motivate them by proving them that the knowledge they will get is going to provide them a better future full of opportunities. They both also share the idea of making students achieve their own personal goals and not something they already know.

As a teacher I will motivate my students to make them think about other possible results or ideas, so that way they will get a significant knowledge that they will hardly forget.


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