Hello to my readers.

Well I was wondering if it is better to learn by exposure or by focusing on form, and I get to the point that it depends on the age and the position you are staying on.

Why is this? This is because if you were born in USA or lived there as a child, you were exposed to the language by hearing it all around you without even studying it.


But what if you went to USA already knowing your tongue language? Well in this case you had to focus on the form of the language for you to be able to understand how it is pronounced and written so that you can understand how to use it in a conversation and then interact.

 I mention interact because now in days experts say that in order to acquire a second language is necessary to interact with other people too. This will lead us to try to make ourselves clear and make sure our message reach the target in a successful communication.


So at the end we need to pick up the language, interact with others and by focusing on form so we can approach the target language.

To make sure I don’t forget anything about this unit here are some extra important points:

  • Translation method: focus only on grammar and translating texts.
  • Structural Approach: focus only on learning and practicing structures.
  • Communicative Approaches: focus on using language fluently in a communication. 

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