Hi everyone.

What is this role of error mean?

It is the focus on the mistakes learners make when they speak and write a foreign language, why to make them and the part this mistakes play in language learning.


There are two reason of why this mistakes while learning a new language and this is:

  1. The first reason is because the learner is influenced by his/her first language or mother tongue on the second language and this is called interference. Learners use sound patterns, lexis and grammatical structures from their own language.
  2. The second reason is because they are constantly organizing and experimenting with the language, but these errors will often disappear.

Errors are part of a natural part of learning. I believe that while learning a second language, learning math or any other subject students have the right to be wrong and fix it or learn from their mistake, this is just part of their interlanguage. By having an error you realize that something was wrong so you work it out to make it right and here is when we really learn.


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