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Let’s talk about what are learner’s needs. We find out that when a learner learns a foreign language exist various kinds of needs which influence on his/her language. They could be personal needs, learning need and professional need. Recognizing these needs is part of being a good teacher.


  • Personal needs: security, challenge, support, praise, movement, goals, learning expectations and other physical need.

Reason: age, gender, cultural background, interests, educational background, motivation and personality.

  • Learning needs: specific ways of learning, specific target language, specific language sub skills, exam strategies, learner autonomy and working at a suitable level.

Reason: learning styles, past language experience, learning goals and expectations, level of skill and knowledge, availability of time and exams.

  • Professional needs: specific sub skills, specific vocabulary and grammar, specific functions and specific text types.

Reason: professional language requirements for employment and training or education.

By meeting learner’s needs helps to motivate learners and make the course seem relevant to them. We need to focus on what our learners need because this may be the way in which we can find how to apply an intrinsic motivation.



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