Hello dear.

Today, I’m preparing a prezi to show you how by knowing our learning style we can achieve many more goals and understand our students. As teacher we understand the importance of a meaningful learning, but we need to focus on the learning styles and the characteristics that our students could have, this way we will use the most appropriate strategy to work with.

Firstly, I would like to say that I found myself mostly as a Visual and Reflective person because I have to see something and write it to be able to retain the information, I’m also having a little bit of an auditory style which help me to pay attention during a class but I have to admit that this must vary so I can keep up with the class.

Secondly, I realized that some of my own strategies that I use in class to take notes, to study for a test or to keep organized my school papers are extremely based on my learning style and that’s how I found the explanation of how I learned much better through my school life. I got to the point that by knowing your own learning style and by identifying how it actually works it helps you to invent or find your personal way of learning (strategy).

Anyway, by knowing my learning style and concluding how helpful it is to achieve a meaningful learning, I can give this same feedback to my future students, so that I can apply the right exercises and activities depending on my learner’s characteristics. 


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***......HELL0 IM NUVIA... IM a GIrl witH A L0v3lY p3R$0N@L1Ty.... $M1LY @lL Th3 T1m3....IM C@r1nG & L0V1Ng PErs0n wIth 3v3ry0n3 i l0v3 & c@r3 @b0uT....If You W@NT t0 Kn0W M3 b3TT3R?? g0 @H3@D and TALk t0 me I WILL BE HERE......WISH YOU L0t$ 0f L0v3!!!! ......***

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