Hello to you all.

What are PP and TBL different?

As a started my classes I was wondering what this letters mean and now I can explain to you a little bit about both of them.

PPP: PRESENTATION, PRACTICE AND PRODUCTION. It offers a very simplified approach to language learning. It is based upon the idea that you can present the language in neat little blocks, adding from one lesson to another.

  • Language is a system of structures used to communicate meaning.
  • Language is learnt through controlled practice of simpler structures, then more complicated ones. Mistakes should be avoided.
  • Oral skills are learnt before written skills.
  • Structures are practiced in controlled conditions.

TBL: TALK-BASED LEARNING. It offers an alternative for teachers. In this lesson the teacher doesn’t pre-determine what language will be studied, the lesson is based around the completion of a central task and the language studied is determined by what happens as the students complete it.

  • Language is a tool for communicating meaning through use of functions, vocabulary, structures and discourse.
  • Language is learnt by using it.
  • Classroom activities are based around a series of problem solving tasks. To solve the problems, learners need to communicate.
  • Grammar, Vocabulary and pronunciation mayor may not be focused on in class after the task is completed.

We can see that these two approaches differ in the view of language and language learning in their classroom practices. Besides all of this information, I have to say that PPP is a traditional way of teaching with hundreds of steps to be followed. Otherwise, TBL has like 4 steps and most of them are done by the students, this way they get to work on their own pace. I would rather use a TBL approach to make a motivated class and a meaningful learning.


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