Hello there.

At this point we have finished Module 1 and started Module 2 which is about planning and the use of resources for language teaching. I feel have huge expectations for this next Units. I expect to learn how is it helpful and necessary to plan everything we will apply in our classroom.

For the first part we will see “Planning and preparing a lesson or sequence of lessons”. Last Saturday we started looking over some concepts and having feedback from other teachers in our classroom, but it’s time to start working on it and see how it feels to do it.



As I experienced doing a lesson plan for a first time in my Licenciatura Class, I can explain how difficult and overwhelming it was to do a Lesson Plan for the first time. We must have big expectations while doing a lesson plan but is also important to take in consideration many other components of the lesson plan and how to make it work effectively. So let’s see how it goes now that it’s time to learn about planning and preparing a lesson.


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***......HELL0 IM NUVIA... IM a GIrl witH A L0v3lY p3R$0N@L1Ty.... $M1LY @lL Th3 T1m3....IM C@r1nG & L0V1Ng PErs0n wIth 3v3ry0n3 i l0v3 & c@r3 @b0uT....If You W@NT t0 Kn0W M3 b3TT3R?? g0 @H3@D and TALk t0 me I WILL BE HERE......WISH YOU L0t$ 0f L0v3!!!! ......***

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