Hello once again:

I want to do an interesting reflection based on EDNA SACKSON’S BLOG.



1. How would you like to stand in a line and wait for somebody to look at your work and give their approval?

I just hated it! I don’t really think students feel appreciated when they are standing and some others are copying from the ones already checked. It is also unfair to wait a long time for the teacher to say: it’s wrong, do it again or change it!

2. Are you interested in listening to the other people read aloud one at a time?

No I am not interested when sometimes I can’t even hear well or I have to read at the same pace as someone else, I would prefer reading by myself.

3. How would you feel if all the decisions were made by someone else?

I will feel unsecured and unwilling to do things that someone else want me to do without even asking my opinion.

4. Do you enjoy sitting passively while someone talks at you?

Not really because I can’t keep still for a long time. I would like to talk back or walk around while talking.

5. Would you like it if your principal yelled at you (in front of others) when you did something wrong?

Of course NOT! It will be embarrassing and not nice at all! It will maybe interfere with the way I interact with my friends at school.

6.  What if some people were singled out for special awards and you never got recognition, no matter how hard you tried?

I will definitely feel underestimated because I know that I can do as much as other people. I would feel sad, less motivated and probably mad at the teacher.

7. How would you feel if someone insisted that you express your thinking in the particular way they chose for you?

I wouldn’t feel myself! I would feel like expressing the thoughts of someone else, I will just not feel authentic at all!

8. Would you like to receive a number or letter grade for every task you completed?

No I won’t! Because I lived it! And I hated the A+, A- and A. A letter grade just tells you that you weren’t as good as others! I do believe that feedback is much better in many tasks.

9. What if you were only permitted to eat, drink and go to the toilet at specific times, determined by someone else?

For the eating part I understand it because those are important and non-changeable rules in all schools. But sometimes is necessary to drink water and use the restroom, so I think is to extreme to use certain periods of time.

10.  Does checking your email or texting mean you are not working?

Well, sometimes. But if you are using it because you need to know something about the homework or any other information concerning school it is definitely something useful to have and use.

Sometimes is hard to understand our students, but hold on for a little bit! We were students also and had issues with some of the things we think are wrong. Let’s keep them in mind!


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