Hello everybody.

Once again we are talking about classroom situations and this time I will do my own thoughts about an article by Dr. Fred Jones, “Synopsis of the book Tools for Teaching”.

After reading the article, the first day I was in front of a classroom giving class came to my mind. Remembering the attitudes some students had and how the actions I took were correct but some of them were not the best ones to follow.



*THINKING ABOUT THE WORD DISCIPLINE. I remember looking at this word at the dictionary in my TKT class. The different definitions talk about punishment, following certain rules, obeying and behavior.

*WHAT WILL BE THE RIGHT DEFINITION? I don’t really think it exist a right definition but in my opinion the one that is the best is: training to improve strength or self-control.

*WHO HAS OR EXERCISES DISCIPLINE? Teachers, soldiers, parents, police, companies and I believe citizens in many ways. The one who exercise discipline in a bad way was Hitler who used it in the worst way possible.

*WHY WOULD THERE BE BREACHES OF DISCIPLINE?  To make sure we understand the importance of discipline and to make sure we don’t make the same mistake again. But this doesn’t mean that all branches are correct because some of them are really traditional like putting a student in a corner with donkey ears so that everyone knows he misbehaved. 


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